a-ha har lavet ikke mindre end 8 albums og har udgivet 29 singler. Her følger en liste over, hvornår hvilke albums er lavet og hvilke singler der blev udgivet fra hvert album.

Album: "Hunting high and low" Released 28/10-85
Singles: "Take on me"
"The sun always shines on TV"
"Train of thought"
"Hunting high and low"


Album: "Scoundrel Days" Released 6/10-86.
Singler: "I've been loosing you"
"Cry Wolf"
"Maybe Maybe"
"Manhattan Skyline"


Album: "Stay on these roads" Released 3/5-88.
Singler: "The living Daylights"
"Stay on these roads"
The blood that moves the body"
"There's never a forever thing"
"You're the one"


Album: "East of the sun, West of the moon" Released 22/10-90.
Singler: "Crying in the rain"
"I call your name"
"Early morning"
"Waiting for her"


Album: "Headlines and Deadlines. The hits of a-ha" Released 4/11-91.
Singler: "Move to Memphis"
"The blood that moves the body '92"


Album: "Memorial Beach" Released 14/6-93.
Singler: "Dark is the night"
"Lie down in darkness"
"Shapes that goes together"


Album: "Minor Earth, Major Sky" Released 17/4-00.
Singler: "Summer moved on"
"Minor earth, Major sky"
"The sun never shone that day"


Album: "Lifelines" Released 29/4-02
Singler: "Forver not yours"
("Lifelines", kommer snart)


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